Are we living in the Glass Age ?

Special Issue published in the International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS) investigates whether our epoch can be described as the "Glass Age"

David Pye, editor of the International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS, published by the American Ceramic Society) claims in his editorial that the Glass Age has indeed arrived. His Special Issue looks at various aspects of how glass has already transformed our lives and is going to transform them even further in the future. Articles include topics such as optical fibres, the connection with geology - and an article on Glasses in Healthcare, written by Delia Brauer together with Julian Jones (London) and Leena Hupa (Turku), covering clinical and commercial uses of bioactive glasses.

In addition, an article published in CeramicsTechToday investigates whether this point of defining our epoch as the "Glass Age" is too bold. (Spoiler: It is not -- are we surprised?)

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