Books & Chapters in Books


AR Boccaccini, DS Brauer, L Hupa (Eds.)
Bioactive Glasses: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications (doi: 10.1039/9781782622017)
Royal Society of Chemistry (December 2016)

RG Hill, JR Jones, DS Brauer, RV Law
Bioactive Glasses
Cambridge University Press (in preparation; invited)

Chapters in Books

DS Brauer, JR Jones "Glasses as Biomaterials"
in: "Encyclopedia of Glass Science, Technology, History and Culture" P Richet and R Conradt (Eds.)
Wiley and the American Ceramic Society (in press)

DS Brauer, D Möncke "Introduction to the Structure of Silicate, Phosphate and Borate Glasses" (doi: 10.1039/9781782622017-00061)
in: "Bioactive Glasses: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications" AR Boccaccini, DS Brauer and L Hupa (Eds.)
Royal Society of Chemistry (December 2016)

DS Brauer "Phosphate Glasses" (doi: 10.1002/9781118346457.ch4)
in: "Introduction to Bio-Glasses" JR Jones and A Clare (Eds.)
Wiley (May 2012)