Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research
Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Prof. Dr. Delia S. Brauer
Professor for Bioactive Glasses

Our main research interests are the development and characterisation of new biomaterials for therapeutic ion release, including melt-derived bioactive glasses and phosphate glasses, glass/polymer composites and glass ionomer (polyalkenoate) bone cements. One focus of our research is to understand the composition-structure-property relationship in these materials, with the aim to tailor new compositions to suit specific applications.

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Delia studied Chemistry with Environmental Chemistry at Jena University and at University of Northumbria (UK) before doing a PhD research project on degradable phosphate glasses and glass/polymer composites for medical applications at Otto Schott Institute, University of Jena. After postdoctoral research projects at University of California San Francisco (USA), Imperial College and Queen Mary, University of London (both UK) and Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan) she returned to Jena University as a juniorprofessor in early 2012. In August 2017 she was made a full professor.

glass melting

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