Glass melting

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Research on inorganic glasses and glass-ceramics, with a particular focus on the interaction between the material and water​
Glass melting
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Our main research interests lie in the area of inorganic glasses and glass-ceramics, with a particular focus on the interaction beween the material and water. For this reason, water soluble glasses such as bioactive glasses or phosphate glasses constitute a key part of our work, as well as new glass-based biomaterials for biomedical applications, including glass/polymer composites and glass ionomer (polyalkenoate) bone cements. We aim to understand the composition-structure-property relationship in these materials, with the aim to tailor new compositions to suit specific applications.

The Bioactive Glasses Group is part of the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research at the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.


C. Chartier in France
Research stay in France
Coraline Chartier at her research stay with Stéphane Gin at CEA Marcoule at Bagnols-sur-Cèze in France.


Glass melting
Our research evolves around melt-derived glasses, including bioactive glasses, phosphate glasses or aluminosilicate glasses, and how their atomic structure controls their properties.
Bioactive glasses group in April 2018
We are an international group of researchers from various backgrounds, including chemistry, materials science and geology.
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Teaching at the Children's University (KinderUni 2019)
We provide lectures and seminars as part of BSc and MSc Materials Science, MSc Chemistry of Materials and BSc Chemistry. We also continously offer topics for research practicals, projects, theses or research assistants.
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