Raman Microscope


Instruments and equipment available in the Brauer group
Raman Microscope
Image: Kristin Griebenow
Raman Microscope Raman Microscope Image: Kristin Griebenow

Biomaterials, such as implants, dental prostheses or wound dressings, interact with body fluids as soon as they come into contact with them. The aim of SoluBio is to characterise the processes that occur during the interaction between material and water, such as changes in the composition of material or eluate, as well as changes in the material's structure from the molecular level to micrometre scales. A better understanding of these processes enables the targeted synthesis of improved materials, and SoluBio can thus pave the way towards improved biomaterials.

As part of SoluBio, a confocal Raman spectrometer and ion chromatography system were purchased, which independently or coupled together will provide insight into the various processes occurring during the dissolution of materials such as bioactive glasses or organic/inorganic hybrid materials. In addition, Raman spectroscopy allows for the observation of surface reactions including corrosion and mineralisation. The combination with already existing methods (in situ with ICP-OES for the quantification of dissolved cations as well as ex situ with NMR spectroscopy for additional structural investigations) allows for a broad structural chemical approach to understanding the dissolution mechanism of these materials.